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CAM skippers in Action

The Cornwall Aero Modellers aim to encourage modelling in its many diverse to pursue their passion in a social and fun oriented environment.

This page is dedicated to Marine modellers in our Club

Weedless and Mini 12 class regatta on June 23rd, 2019

The Group
Stephen getting ready!

Science fair
The fleet is getting ready

Science fair
Skippers meeting

Science fair
On the starting line

Science fair
All clear

Science fair
The skippers

Ken Stevens, Hervé Ducourneau, Bill Croft, Kevin Goom, John Lowther, Graeme Welch, Peter Jankowski, Greg Grant, Michel Newin, Paul Switzer
Not on the picture: Robert Beaudoin, Wolfgang Ohrt, Roger Bélanger

Highlights of the June 23rd 2019 regatta

Photos are courtesy of Maureen Stevens and Roger B.