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Videos and Downloads

Useful Downloads:

iGyro Simplified contributed by Frank Reaume
FPV Racing by Paulo de Sousa and Hal MacDonald
Fail-Safe Radio Setting by Nigel Chippendale
Carburator Basics by Gerry Yarrish
Choosing your first radio contributed by Frank Reaume
List of Non-Copy-righted DVD's of Major RC Event available from Frank Reaume
Very interesting article on the new Spektrum AR 635 "stabilized" Receiver, contributed by Frank Reaume
Very comprehensive article on electric for RC, contributed by Frank Reaume
How to store your LiPo batteries
All you need to Know about Electric from Innovative Designs
Model Airplane Secrets
Aileron Differential
All you wanted to know about Nitro-methane
Specification Chart for older servos.
Light-up your plane with this circuit from Wayne P.
Drill and Tap Chart.

Interesting Photos and Videos:

New A Video of our 7th of January indoor flying, video by Luc Boisonneault, a lil Birdie Production
New Footage of Baron Van Richthofen preflighting his plane and suiting up for cold weather flying
Very interesting archive footage of the club early days in the 70's and early 80's
Another archive video archive of the club early days in the 70's and early 80's
CAM Fun Fly 2015 by Luc Boisonneault, a Lil Birdie Production
Jets Over Iroquois by Lil Birdie
See a video of NavCan ATC Simulator by Lil Birdie
See a video of NavCan ATC Simulator, Cockpit View; by Lil Birdie
See a video of the 2014 Fun Fly from Lil Birdie
Unique footage of Lindberg historic flight, contributed by George C.
For Beaver lovers (the plane!) from George C.
Beautiful Video of full scale float planes and Boeing history from George C.